Stationery Branch under D.C’s Office deals with the Stationery requirements of all the Branches of the DC’s Office, Aizawland its also maintains various properties of the office. All payments of the telephone bills of Officers, Electricity and water bills of the office are done by this Branch. Mizoram is visited by several VVIP’s/VIPs within a year and it is the responsibility of the DC’s Office to make arrangements for Reception, Usher, Seat arrangement and Decorations and to receive & see off the VVIPs/VIPs on their departures. It also makes arrangements for all National and important days like Independence Day, Republic Day and some important Mizo Festivals. Preparations for these occupations are taken up by Stationery Branch. The Stationery Branch also sends recommendations of individuals from Mizoram for various National Awards like the Padma Shree, Bravery Awards like Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards, Kabir Puraskar Awards etc. to the Home Ministry, Govt. of India through the Home Department. The selected individuals receive their awards in New Delhi or on National functions and there are several individuals from the Mizo community who have received such awards. Since, the DC is the District Magistrate, no ciatation is accepted by the Home Ministry without his signature on the Certificate of Character & Antecedents. As responsibility for all National Important Days Functions rest upon the Stationery Branch, all the list of VIPs within Mizoram State and lists of Officers within Aizawl District alongwith their designations are maintained up-to-date in the office.