Disaster Mangement & Rehabilitation

This Branch deals with relief and rehabilitation of victims of Natural Calamities whenever any natural calamities occurs within the district, Verifying Officers are detailed for spot verification and giving relief to the victims based on the reports of the Officers in terms giving immediate relief in the form of financial assistance, disbursement of materials like GCI sheets and silpouline free of cost, etc. This branch deals with matters relating to District Disaster Management Programme (UNDP-GOI Programme). This branch is under the direct control of SDO(S) who is a nodal Officer of the District Disaster Management Committee for Aizawl District. The SDO(S)'s Office Chamber is declared as a Control Room for Disaster Management, Aizawl District. The report of damages caused by landslide and fires etc. to dwelling houses should be written in plain paper and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner. The report should clearly state the date, time and place of occurance of the Natural Calamity. All these facts shall then be verified first hand by an Officer designated by the Deputy Commissioner for spot inspection.