The main strength of Housing Loan Branch, Deputy Commissioner’s Office are as follows:

  1. Housing Loan Branch of DC(A) was set up in 1972. The main duties of this Branch include handing out loans to eligible persons for construction of building. The type of loan has been divided into two(2) categories –viz MIG (Middle Income Group) and LIG (Lower Income Group).
  2. Housing Loan Branch of DC(A) started giving out Loans from 1972 till 1989 after which it was handover to Local Administration Department.
  3. The length for recovery of the loan is set at 25 years during which each borrower are expected to make full recovery.
  4. The period for recovery has been divided into 25 installments in which recovery has to made one a year. The borrower has to pay principle of the loan for the first 17 years and the remaining year for the interest of the loan.
  5. Repayment defaulters are given notice at frequent intervals for effecting recovery of outstanding amount. This is a continuous and on going process of Housing Loan Branch.
  6. Achievement report of Housing Loan Branch is also prepared every financial rae to have indepth knowledge of the amount recovered annually.
  7. There are 3(Three) staffs and 1(one) group D’ Staff in Housing Loan Branch Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Aizawl.