The duties and activities of Election Branch are as indicated below:

  1. The Election Commission of India, from time to time have ordered Intensive, Summary, Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls. In these connections, the Election Branch of the District Election Officer’s Office, performs all related works such as Designation of Returning Officers, Asst. Electoral Registration Officers have also been processed by the Election Officer.
  2. Since the Electors’ Photo Identity Cards has introduced by the Election Commission of India, more than 80% of the Electors has been photographed and the distribution of the same has been done through the appointed Booth Level Officers of the designated polling stations. Photo Electoral Rolls has also been prepared for the first time in the Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2007
  3. As per the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, Booth Level Officers for all Polling Stations in Aizawl District has been appointed. Also issued guidelines for Booth Level Officers.
  4. Computerization of Electoral Rolls has been started since summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 1998 as per the order of Election Commission of India.